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Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to share a meal and some quality time with friends and family.  Contrary to some people’s assumptions, living in an apartment doesn't mean that you need to miss out on hosting a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. With the quick and easy tips below, you’ll be able to transform your apartment into the perfect intimate venue to entertain guests for this joyous celebration.

1. Prepare Your To-Do and Grocery Lists in Advance

Hosting a significant event like Thanksgiving in your apartment requires some pre-planning and coordination. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by organizing your step-by-step to do list and grocery lists on paper or in a list app on your mobile device. From tracking RSVPs to planning your menu and decorating, a list is a valuable tool to have on your side.

2. Clean Out the Fridge to Make Way for Leftovers and Drinks

Preparing to host Thanksgiving in your apartment also presents the ideal opportunity to clear out some aging food items from your fridge and make room for delicious leftovers. This process also helps make space to cool drinks for your guests. If you can’t clear enough room to hold all of the leftovers, kindly ask each of your guests to make a to-go plate before leaving for the evening.

3. Rearrange Furniture to Accommodate Guests

Now it is time to start thinking about seating your guests. Take a quick inventory of the furniture in your apartment and look for opportunities to maximize space by:

• Lining your wall with chairs (including fold-out chairs)

• Pushing the sofa and loveseat together

• Temporarily relocating unneeded furniture items to your bedroom

Speaking of accommodating guests, keep in mind your maximum seating when creating your invite list. If your

apartment can realistically only accommodate 8-12 people comfortably, cut your guest list off at that point. It is better to have a small, intimate Thanksgiving for your guests than to have standing room only.

4. Supply the Main Dish and Dessert

The turkey is one dish that must be cooked correctly to ensure a successful celebration. Be sure to purchase your turkey several days in advance to make sure it has sufficient time to thaw in the refrigerator before the big day. Keep in mind that cooking times will vary based on the weight of the bird.

If the pressure of preparing the perfect turkey has you anxious, consider ordering a smoked turkey in advance. Smoked turkeys are not only delicious but provide a nice change of pace from the traditional oven-roasted option. Another way to reduce your stress level on the big day is to prepare your desserts ahead of time.

5. Cook Dishes in Advance

Try to plan a few dishes for your menu which you can cook in advance of the big day. This strategy helps save time which you can devote to enjoying this wonderful occasion in your apartment with family and friends.

6. Ask Guests to Bring a Dish Which Does Not Require the Oven

Another strategy to help host a great Thanksgiving in your apartment is to request that guests bring dishes which are microwave safe and do not require access to your oven.

Instead, allow them to warm up dishes in your microwave if needed.

7. Decorate Your Walls, Not Your Counter and Table Spaces

Hosting a successful Thanksgiving in your apartment means you will need full access to your precious counter and table space. Resist the temptation to decorate these areas and, instead, opt to place all Thanksgiving-themed decorations on your wall.

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